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3 trends in Website Design that Small Businesses need to know

2/22/2017 8:10:51 AM, By Oracle Solutions

Small businesses provide services or products that meet local needs and are capable of fulfilling requirements for larger businesses as well. The small businesses often have difficulty to create, share or establish their message. 
Websites for any product or service should be attractive and appealing to the consumers which further helps them to make good decisions of purchase or with respect to whether to continue on a site or jump to another one. According to a research, a person's eyes take just 2.6 seconds to focus on a particular element of a web page when it loads. Therefore your digital identity plays a very important role in making the consumers form opinions about the brands based on the browsing experience.   
Motion user interface (UI)
Motion and animation capabilities in website design will continue to increase. But motion is more than just a good video or caricature on the website. Due to the advancement in the speed of the data transfer and data compression, users won't suffer from slow load time. 
B2B Takes Inspiration From B2C 
The next big wave of e-commerce growth will happen in the B2B market. Brands nowadays are turning to their B2C peers for guidance on how to take advantage of the modern technology to create buying experiences that differentiate them from their competitors and help them seize a greater share of the market.  
The Internet has taken website development to a whole new level. By linking the smart co nnected devices to the internet, the exchange of data can be seen. The more devices are connected, the more we will find web developers connected coming up with upgraded solutions to help users control and communicate with their everyday gadgets and equipment.